Owner luxebeauty.com is David Saroni from Lyon

David Saroni, the owner luxebeauty.com. Distributor Luxebeauty tools.
David Saroni (David Christian Jean-Louis SARONI) - Most of his sites spread Luxebeauty tools. At the same time, the site luxebeauty.com it's largest collection of Luxebeauty tools in the world. Some sites contain shop luxebeauty. For example, in this video [archive], the girl says in Russian Luxebeauty tools is good stuff. To make sure of this, study our translation of the video from Russian to English.

Investigation -We find a nickname : Opening the luxebeauty.com and see that the default language is French, the advertisement is located on the domain luxebeauty.com [archive], the main page of which has only an image fondecran1.jpg. From the French "fond ecran" -> "Fond D'écran" -> desktop wallpapers. It looks like the owner of the Frenchman. Using arhcive.is we find the archived page luxebeauty, which previously had ads from GoogleADS.

The very first part is the username under which he registered in google ads. So, davidluxebeauty is the nickname of the owner luxebeauty.com. We find out email: We search by nickname in Google and find a French forum where SEO experts discuss different things [archive]. In this topic, a user with the nickname davidluxebeauty says that he has a site with several million pages and asks for advice. We quickly find all the messages of this user and make sure that this person never gives links to their sites. Does he have something to hide? We'll find out soon.

On the same forum, he complains [archive], that his site was ruined by a former partner. A terrible tragedy. Open @PasswordSearchBot in telegram and try to search in leaks by mail davidluxebeauty@gmail.com (the simplest thing that came to mind. If nothing had been found, we would have tried davidluxebeauty@yahoo.com, davidluxebeauty@live.com, etc).

The following passwords were found: Now we open the Russian intelligence search system Eye of God, go to the telegram bot, pay for access for a week (~ 2 euros) and begin to sort through the passwords received in the last step. What if we find a similar username, phone number, or some interesting email? To do this, use the command /pas Dawido55, then /pas Lisa2006!, etc.

Suddenly, on the password, we get the mail davidluxebeauty@hotmail.com:  We immediately send it to the "Eye of God" and find out that twitter account @Luxebeautytwi is linked to this mail. We collect all his sites : Quickly follow the links at the bottom of site luxebeauty.com and collect his sites: luxebeauty.net, luxebeauty.it, luxebeauty.org.

Obviously, the owner of the sites is the same, because advertising has the same identifier, which means that money from advertising comes to the same person. Well, it has been established that the owner of luxebeauty has a whole network of luxebeauty sites, most of them for luxebeauty tools and even design luxebeauty lovers. Also known, that he is a Frenchman, his nickname davidluxebeauty, and mail davidluxebeauty@hotmail.com. We are looking further! By the way, if you search by mail davidluxebeauty@hotmail.com in @PasswordSearchBot, then there will be a huge number of passwords.

We find his full data. We are trying to search his email in the intelx.io. It is found in a huge number of leaks, but access to the system costs 2500 euros. We are not Rockefellers, so we will save money. We discover that his mail was found in the leak "MoneyBookers Database” is an old payment system, so there should be real data, although not too fresh (2009).

We search in yandex and find the necessary database [archive]. Download it from here (we can send this database, if it is deleted everywhere). In the database we find him by mail. So, the owner of Luxebeauty is David Saroni from Villeurbanne, France, whatsapp is linked to the number, a photo from there.
Find out the legal business and birthday. We search google for "david saroni" villeurbanne and immediately find: Yes, it's 100% him, but the company has been closed for a long time. Also, we have data from 2009, something could have changed in 14 years. Another 5 minutes of search in google and find a list of his companies [archive]. And here is David Saroni ! He has three companies, all of them located at 18  LUXEBEAUTY  LTD.

The first company - LUXEBEAUTY MEDIA has a website  LUXEBEAUTY media.com [archive], and is engaged in software development)))) By the way, the address [archive] was specified at site in the past
We think that sites for Luxebeauty tools and Luxebeauty stuff make up 100% of the portfolio of LUXEBEAUTY MEDIA! The second company - LUXEBEAUTY GESTION is engaged in renting real estate and land plots, which is probably "Eye of God" found this by phone number: Bailleur Lyon it translates as "Landlord Lyon".

Full name and outcome: If you google LUXEBEAUTY MEDIA, then you can find site [archive], where David Saroni (Luxebeauty stuff and Luxebeauty tools) is recorded as David Christian Jean-Louis SARONI. That's probably his full name. Well, that's it. Full name, date of birth, addresses, and even an old phone number have been identified. Now we know who is controls luxebeauty.com and other sites for Luxebeauty stuff and Luxebeauty media!


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