Why choose a spa bath

No more classic jacuzzi bathtubs ... make way for balneotherapy. Indeed if you are looking for comfort and relaxation this is for you, especially as it gives allure to your bathroom.

Balneo bath

Balneotherapy is thus a method of medication by baths and it is now accessible to individuals, no longer only to SPA and well-being centers, because it is marketed almost everywhere. Its principle is similar to those of jacuzzis, spas and hydromassage which use nozzles and water.

To help you a little more, we will analyze all its benefits :

The benefits and advantages of balneotherapy are of plenty. The most important thing is that you will experience the same sensations as during a balneotherapy treatment. Equipped with massage nozzles or hydrojets that spread water and air, or both at the same time, their benefits are manifold.


Massage systems

As a general rule, the air system provides gentle, relaxing massages and a feeling of floating and lightness.

A "blower" blower projects water into the bath water through injectors distributed in the bottom and backsplash of the bathtub. The power is adjustable. The body is enveloped in millions of air bubbles.


- It stimulates the receptivity of the skin, brings a feeling of lightness in the bathtub.

- It de-strains and relaxes the muscles.

- It allows lymphatic drainage thanks to the massaging effect of the feet up to the top of the legs.


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